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Phakama Project


What We Are Doing ?

We aim to contribute to the promotion of local economic development and job creation, by

building on the traditional power on land to mobilize the youth for rural development and

propose land management and operating plans in order to boost production and outputs

within the perspective of contributing to the local processing of agricultural produces thus

contributing to the organization of win-win relationships between the cities, the villages

and the rural areas. We will formulate a position paper on Agenda 2063 and the contribution of United House of Monarch towards its implementation. The position paper will spell out what African Traditional Authorities expect from Agenda 2063; the route and partnership they recommend for it to be implemented and produce positive impact on the ground for the

African people, and the manner they want to be involved a n the monitoring and

evaluation of progress towards the implementation of Agenda 2063 on the development

of Africa through the publication of an African prospective paper on education, health

and the environment which echoes the point of view of the United House of Monarch. 

We operate ethically and execute with integrity. We embrace and drive positive change. Trust and respect (Inhlonipho) are central to all our relationships.

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